Malibu actress turned psychotherapist , Julie Carmen returned to Spain this Spring and helped  launch designer Véronique Manga Bell’s  2011 dress collection.

While modelling them in Madrid, Julie mentionned :
" Originally from Paris but settled in Ibiza where she produces her designs,  Véronique has mastered the magical combination that makes her dresses so easy to wear, whether in Madrid or the beach, the office or parties. They have the flirty feminine couture lines of French fashion and free spirited ease for modern living.

Véronique Manga Bell’s  collections are popping up in boutiques in Paris, Hamburg, Bamberg, Dublin,  New York and Malibu; and are available through :
www.veronique-mangabell.com/index.html .

High fashion photographer Ismael Souissi  caught up with Julie Carmen in Chueca, Madrid, where the dresses seemed quite at home ! ”

Julie Carmen link to:
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